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Ultra Micro Balances



Max Capacity: 6.1 g
Readability: 0.1 µg


Advanced Technology. The Schuler Scientific Ultra Micro Balances feature a Dual core 2 x 1 GB processor which allows for faster operation and shorter stabilization times while retaining repeatabilityin the values.  .

Internal Automatic Calibration and Adjustment. UMB-Series offer three internal calibration options. Temperature-activated calibrations initiate with a 3° C change in ambient temperature. Time-activated calibrations may be programmed from one-hour to twelve-hours intervals. Press the Cal Key to manually active the Calibration function.

Balance Auto-Level. The system continously monitors the level of the balance during operation.  If the system finds the balance needs to be leveled, it alerts teh user and guides them through the leveling process and adjustment of the balance feet.

Multiple Working Modes. The UMB-Series balance features a variety of working modes, these include checkweighing, formulation, percent weighing, differnetial weighing, and many more .

Advanced Communication Features. Connect UMB-Series balances to a computer, printer or network via the RS232 (2), USB (2, Type A), Ethernet, or Wi-Fi ports. Data may be transferred manually by pressing the Print/Enter Key or program the balance to send information automatically at designated time intervals and stability settings.

Motorized Draft Shield. Gain instant access to the weighing chamber through the use of the motorized draft shield.  Easily program the draft shield to open/close on the right or left side to aid in easy introduction of samples to the chamber.

Innovative Adjustment System The 2-point automatic adjustment system of the Schuler Scientific UMA-Series balances guarantees the highest measurement accuracy while minimizing linearity errors, providing reliable results over the entire weighing range.

Ambient Conditions Monitoring. The balance automatically monitors ambient conditions inside the weighing chmaber including temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and air density.

Model SUMB-6
Max Capacity 6.1 g
Readability [d] 0.1 µg
Repeatability (5% Max) 0.2 µg
Repeatability (Max) 0.45 µg
Tare Range -2.1 g
Eccentric Load Deviation 1.5 µg
Linearity ± 1.5 µg
Minimum Weight (USP) 0.4 mg
Minimum Weight (U=1%,k=2) 0.04 mg
Pan Size ᴓ 16 mm (0.63")
Weighing Chamber Dimensions ᴓ 90 x 90 mm
Working Temperature +10oC ÷ +40oC (+50oF ÷ +104oC) 
Working Temperature Change Rate ±0.3oC/h (±1oC/8h)
Atmospheric Humidity 40% ÷ 80%
Atmospheric Humidity Change Rate ±1%/h(±4%/8h)
Stabilization Time 10-20 s
Interface 2 x RS232, 2 x USB-A, 
Ethernet, Wi-Fi
Power Supply 13.5 ÷ 16 V DC / 700 mA
Adjustment / Calibration Internal
Display 5.7" (touch screen)
Gross Weight 16.6 kg (36.6 lbs)
Packaging Size 660 x 660 x 455 mm (26" x 26" x 17.9")

1 µg
1 µg
0.1 µg