The S-Series balances feature fast and precise weighing in portable package.

5 Year Warranty. A 5 year warranty is standard on all S-Series balances. 

Calibration in a Snap. Through the use of a predefined calibration weight value, easily calibrate the balance.

Advanced Communication Features. Connect  to a computer or printer through the RS232, USB-A, or USB-B connections . 

Adjustable Filter. For optimized measurements in difficult conditions. 

Working Modes. Optimize experiments with your balance with one of its 6 working modes.  These include animal weighing, parts counting, density determination, and many more.   


      Internal Rechargeable Battery
The S-Series features an internal rechargeable batteryallowing for precise mesurements on the go.  With an average time of operation of 33 hours.  


Multiple Interfaces
Easily connect to a computer, printer, keyboard or other peripheral devices.    

Compact,Light Weight Design 
The S-Series weighs an average of 1.3kg (2.9lbs) make it the perfect choice for measurements in the field.  Its compact casing allows for transportation to even the most remote locations.  
2000 g
0.01 g
200 g
1 mg
3100 g
0.1 g
600 g
0.01 g