About Schuler Scientific

Schuler Scientific, located in Englewood, Colorado, provides a broad range of innovative instruments for precision weighing, moisture determination, and electrochemical analysis. 

The company is truly a consortium of experienced managers who have worked together for years, in every aspect of instrumentation, engineering,  manufacturing, and sales and marketing. We  brought our considerable experience together in Englewood, where every aspect of  quality control, and final inspection are conducted on every product.  Our product warranty is typically 5 years, so packaging is an important final element for scrutiny. 

 Customer service and technical support may be our strongest suit, and it"s always been local. Our new web-site has been designed to make getting answers even easier.

The Schuler product range is broad, with a focus on our weighing portfolio.  We"re pleased to offer analytical weighing solutions which range from ultra microgram readability, 0.0000001g, to instruments having 32,000g capacity, also with high resolution.  That"s a lot of zeros from one company!

We at Schuler Scientific look forward to working with our customers, expanding our product portfolio, to meet their growing applications and opportunities.