NTEP Approved


The NTEP Approved SH-Series balances feature fast and precise weighing in portable package.

5 Year Warranty. A 5 year warranty is standard on all SH-Series balances. 

Legal-for-Trade. Class II NTEP approved options.

Advanced Communication Features. Connect  to a computer or printer or network via the RS232 port. 

Adjustable Filter. For measurements in difficult conditions. 



      Internal Rechargeable Battery
The SH-Series features an internal rechargeable accumulator allowing for precise mesurements on the go.  With an average time of operation of 45 hours.  


Multiple Interfaces
Easily connect to a computer, printer, or external display during measurements.    

Multiple Working Modes 
Get even more from you balance through the use of multiple working modes.  Working modes include: parts counting, percent deviations, checkweighing, animal weighing, totalizing, peak hold, and Newton unit measurement.  
6000 g
0.1 g