Moisture Analyzers


The moisture analyzers incorporate state-of-the-art features for advanced moisture content analysis.

3 Year Warranty. A 3 year warranty is standard on all SMA-TD Moisture Analyzers. 

Auto Switch-Off Options. The moisture analyzer allows for customization of switch-off times for end of moisture content analysis.  Options include automatic, time-defined, or manual switch-off. 

4 Drying Modes including Standard, Mild, Quick, and Step to accurately determine moisture content in various substances. 

Advanced Communication Features. Connect  to a computer, printer or network via the RS232 (2), USB (2, Type A & B) or Wi Fi ports. 

GLP Documentation. Store up to 100 Users, 5000 Products and 100 Packagings, and 200 Drying Programs in memory. 


Easy-to-read Color Touchscreen

The moisture content results are clearly displayed on the large, easy-to-read color capacitive touch screen. Easily navigate through menus and setup experimental procedures.  

IR Emitter Heating Element

Perform time-efficient moisture content experiments.  The IR heating element provides uniform heating of the sample to help prevent against burning of the sample.  

Advanced Communication 

Connect the moisture analyzer to a computer, printer, or network via the RS232, USB (2, Type A & B), or Wirelessly.  

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