Analytical Balances


The B-Series balances incorporate state-of-the-art features for advanced weighing applications and documentation.

5 Year Warranty. A 5 year warranty is standard on all A-Series balances. 

External Calibration. Through though use of a predifed calibration weight value, easily calibrate the balance.

Advanced Communication Features. Connect  to a computer or printer or network via the RS232 port. 

Adjustable Filter. For optimized measurments in difficult conditions. 

Working Modes. Optimize your experiments with your balance an on of its 6 working modes.  These include animal weighing, parts counting, density determination, and many more.   

User-friendly Draft Shield

A draft shield is standard on all analytical and milligram models.  The internal dimensions tne three sliding doors allow easy access to the weighing chamber.  

External Calibration & Precise Measurement

The automatic adjustment system of A series balances is a control-verifying tool enabling precise weighing performance in any conditions. The A series designed of monoblock components provides fast measurement and repeatability of indications.

Multiple Working Modes

The B-series allows for advanced measurements all within an economical package.  Perfrom density determination, parts counting, and animal weighing  all within the same system.  
120 g
0.1 mg
210 g
0.1 mg
60 g
0.1 mg