Analytical Balances


The A-Series balances incorporate state-of-the-art features for advanced weighing applications and documentation.

5 Year Warranty. A 5 year warranty is standard on all A-Series balances. 

Internal Automatic Calibration. Built in adjustment weight to allow for simple calibration by the touch of a button.

Advanced Communication Features. Connect  to a computer, printer or network via the RS232 (2), USB (2, Type A & B) or Wi Fi ports. 

GLP Documentation is standard on the A-Series. Store up to 10 Users, 1000 Products and 100 Tare Weight Value in memory. 

Working Modes. Optimize your experiments with your balance an on of its eleven application modes.  These include animal weighing, parts counting, percent weighing, and many more.   

Easy-to-read LCD Screen

The weighing results are clearly displayed on the large, easy-to-read LCD screen. Onscreen symbols inform you of real-time function or working mode, battery charge, and connection status.

Internal Calibration & Precise Measurement

The automatic adjustment system of the A-series balances is a control-verifying tool enabling precise weighing performance in any conditions. 

Database Management and Data Protection

The A-series balance information system can record data for users, products, weighings and tares. Any recorded data can be used for detailed analysis, export, import, and balance-to-balance exchange. The stored data is also protected by the Alibi Memory, allowing for up to 100,000 readings to be stored.
160 g
0.1 mg
220 g
0.1 mg
60/220 g
0.01/0.1 mg
310 g
0.1 mg